@TheJunkFoodAisle posted a photo of ANOTHER new cereal-inspired ice cream flavor yesterday... Lucky Charms! The caption reads:

"This as well as Cinnamon Toast Crunch Light Ice Cream will be available in both 14oz and 48oz containers 'at most major grocery stores and mass merchandisers in the coming months as well as convenience and drug stores.'"

Eating ice cream for breakfast doesn't seem so weird now!

According to Delish, Cinnamon Toast Crunch has decided to launch its own flavor of ice cream. We found out about the new flavor after popular Instagram accounts @Candyhunting and @TheJunkFoodAisle posted photos of the carton on their pages:

The article states that "the ice cream is designed to taste exactly like the iconic cereal, with a 'cinnamon flavored base with a cinnamon graham swirl and cereal pieces.'" Candy Hunting's caption says that the ice cream is "made by Nestle under the Edy's/Dreyer's brand." 

Unfortunately, that's all we know right now. Both posts say the ice cream is coming soon, but there are no official dates or list of stores where it will be available. No worries, though! We will be sure to let you know if more details arise.

Oh, and if you love trying new ice cream flavors, here's something else to look forward to...

According to Today, The Cheesecake Factory is going to be launching a new line of ice cream inspired by their cheesecake flavors. There will be seven of them including original, chocolate, cookies & cream, salted caramel, birthday cake, key lime, and strawberry. They are expected to be available in grocery stores beginning in March. You can read more about that HERE.

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