A full band, crew, audience and venue constructed entirely out of Legos? Sure. An onslaught of ninjas slinging bladed boomerangs? Naturally. A ferocious dragon rising out of the depths of a lake? Of course! It's all fair game -- and its all awesome -- in Chris Stapleton's zany new music video for "Second One to Know." Press play above to watch!

Things start out pretty normally for the country star and his band -- well, except for the fact that they're all constructed entirely out of Legos. In the midst of a raucous sold-out show, things take a turn for the bizarre for Stapleton and his onstage buddies when a team of villainous ninjas come cruising up a dark road on a fleet of motorcycles.

Stapleton and his team wind up in the middle of an onstage brawl, which comes to a head when a dragon emerges from the depths of a nearby lake. With help from a Lego hawk and some seriously rockin' guitar riffs, the country star ultimately turns the dragon to stone.

Stapleton teamed up with the Lego Group and Pure Imagination Studios to bring this intricately crafted clip to life. "Working on this music video has been a career highlight, but what makes this even more special is the trust and creative freedom we were given thanks to the long-standing professional relationship Pure Imagination has had with The Lego Group and the personal connection I have to Chris Stapleton," producer and director David Coleman notes in a press release.

"I have always admired Chris as an artist, but the fact that we are from the same hometown of Paintsville, Ky., makes it especially rewarding," he adds. "True Stapleton fans will pick up on the ‘Easter eggs’ featured in the video, which pay homage to Chris’ touring team, to his catalog and to growing up in our hometown."

Indeed, fans will recognize Stapleton's wife Morgane and trusted producer Dave Cobb among the Lego figures in the clip. Actor Chris Pratt even makes an appearance!

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