What is it they say about the holidays? "Eat, drink and be merry"? That second part is covered as of today.

Advent calendars mean it's almost time for the holidays. They generally count down the religious days leading up to Christmas.

They usually have flaps that you pull back to reveal the day, but midwest-based grocer Aldi, who has 5 Cedar Rapids locations, is selling a different kind of "advent calendar".

Now available in most Aldi stores is a Beer and Wine Advent Calendar. You count down the days with bottles of either beer or wine! For $49.99 you can get 24, 11.2-ounce bottles of beer of different varieties like O'Shea's Irish Stout, Wernesgruner German Pilsner, and Boot Tread Amber Ale.

If wine is more your thing, the "Festive Collection" calendar costs a bit more at $69.99 but features 24 mini bottles of 12 different varieties.

You better get yours quick if you want them because Aldi expects them to sell out fast and will not restock them once they're gone.

Go to Aldi's website for more information and USA Today for details on the different varieties.


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