Former 'Bachelor' star Chris Soules has entered a plea in the case involving a fatal crash back in April. Soules, who waived his right to appear at his arraignment, instead entered a written plea of not guilty Tuesday. He is facing a felony charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. Soules also asked for a speedy trial.

Soules was arrested following an April crash that killed 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher. Mosher was driving a tractor and was struck behind by a truck driven by Soules. Prosecutors say that Soules left the scene of the accident before law enforcement officials arrived. He then refused to come out of his home until a search warrant was obtained.

On Monday, a district judge turned down the defense's request to drop all charges. During proceedings yesterday, the defense brought up the phrase 'surviving driver' several times in reference to Mosher. They want to know the exact time Mosher died from his injuries. The defense argues that if Mosher was still alive while Soules was at the scene, he had no legal obligation to remain until law enforcement arrived.

Soules remained at the scene for over five minutes after the crash and called 911 to report the accident.


[via Gazette}

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