Chris Soules has reportedly agreed to pay the family of the man killed in the accident in which he was involved in $2.5 million dollars. As part of the settlement from a civil lawsuit filed against Soules in January of 2019 for wrongful death, the 37-year-old former Bachelor star along with his parents, Gary and Linda Soules, have agreed to pay the sum to the loved ones of Kenneth Mosher.

Court documents say that the settlement "hereby release and forever discharge Christopher Soules...from any and all liability whatsoever." They also make clear that the payment does NOT constitute an admission of guilt in the case.

Yesterday, Soules' sentencing in the criminal case was once again delayed as both the defense and prosecution a new pre-sentencing investigation. The request was granted by the judge in the case. Soules plead guilty in November of 2018 to the lesser charge of leaving the scene of an accident resulting in injury. He faces up to two years in prison on the misdemeanor charge.


[via People]

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