If you're picky about your pizza and have been dreaming of a good place to get some Chicago deep-dish, we've got some good news for you!

The Des Moines Register reported that Giordano's Pizzeria will be opening a new restaurant at the Bridegewood Square retail center in West Des Moines. If you're not familiar, Giordano's is very well known in the Chicago area (where it originated). According to the Giordano's website the materpiece began in Italy many years ago, but the first store was opened in 1974 on Chicago's south side. It continues to be a favorite after all of these years. They've been around so long "the recipe for Giordano’s now-famous stuffed pizza is one that has evolved over 200 years!" The pizzeria has more than 40 stores in states like Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota (just to name a few). This new location will be the first ever in Iowa!

Sounds delicious right!? It may be time to plan a little trip to Des Moines to try this place out when it opens. There is no exact date yet for the opening, but estimates are that it will be up and running sometime in the summer of 2019.

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