Now THAT'S a mushroom!

It's morel mushroom hunting season! Many people have been posting pictures on social media of their morel finds, but one particular post really takes the cake:

When I first saw the photo, I 100% thought it was fake, so I did a little research. It's definitely real. A Missouri Conservation officer even went over to the finder's home to confirm it.

The photo was originally posted to the Missouri Morel Hunting Facebook page by Charlie Ware. Apparently he was doing some turkey hunting Old Mines, when he came across the morel that stood just over a foot tall. He abandoned his turkey hunting to look for more, but the other nine he found were nothing like the first. They are unclear on the original weight, since it was soaked in water to preserve it.

We've never seen one this big before, have you? Share your morel finds with us in the comments!

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