Remember back when Channing Tatum was an action star? Our beloved C-Tates took his last straightforward macho-man hero roles in 2013, a magical year that gave us both White House Down and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Ever since, his more high-octane roles have been animated (The LEGO Movie franchise), cloaked in comedy (22 Jump Street) or outside the genre entirely (pretty much everything else). But a new announcement heralds a return of our best American boy to the realm of running, jumping, shooting, and looking very serious. Tatum will get his secret agent on in the upcoming Kingsman sequel, but soon afterward, he’ll be a slightly more public type of agent.

Deadline reports that Universal has laid claim to the rights to Bloodlines, a drug-war thriller pitting los carteles against the FBI, and that the ChanMan will produce and star as well. Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathan Herman will forge a script out of the upcoming novel about FBI rookie Scott Lawson, a field operative stationed in Laredo, Texas who hardly sees much action around his little segment of the border. Until one day, pure happenstance clues him into a possible channel for infiltration on the brutal Mexican drug-smuggling outfit known as the Zetas. By entering the world of high-stakes horse racing, Lawson hopes to bing the cartel down from the inside out, but of course, his will be a more dangerous mission than that.

Sounds like it could be a good time! Get the right director (Taylor Sheridan, perhaps?) and some fun costars, and you’ve got the makings of a roundly enjoyable experience at the movies. First step, though, is that title. Bloodline’s blood is barely cold, and already the Netflix crime saga’s title is going to be repurposed? Go with something fresh, something distinctive, something like Horse Money. Anyone using that yet?

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