This past Saturday night, Holly and I settled in for a movie night. We checked Netflix and couldn't agree on anything. We then turned to HBO Go and scrolled through the newer movie choices. As soon as Holly saw 'Magic Mike XXL' pop up on the screen she blurted out 'Let's watch it!' Mind you, she had already seen it in theaters. But, I've made her watch countless shows and movies that she wasn't into. So I settled in for 2 plus hours of Channing Tatum's mid-section grinding on my television screen.

We hadn't even reached the ten-minute mark in the movie yet, and Holly was asleep. Out. Gone. Snoring. So I was left with a choice. Reach down for the remote and stop the grinding. Or lay back and suffer in silence. I decided to suffer. There was only one problem. I found myself not being totally repulsed by the movie. Was there a riveting plot? No. Was there Oscar-worthy acting? No. But there WAS a sense of humor about itself, and of course, amazing choreography.


So yes, Channing Tatum and his amazing abs kept me up until one in the morning. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen. It was ten times better than 50 Shades of Grey! What is a movie that you're embarrassed to say you actually liked?

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