A woman delivering newspapers in central Iowa last weekend is being credited with helping to uncover a possible sex trafficking ring.

July 28, Lavon Franz was delivering the Sunday newspaper in Ankeny when she was waved down by a girl who appeared to be in distress. Franz told WHO the girl said, 'I just had a bad break up with my boyfriend.’ Franz also said she was crying.

Noticing the young woman didn't have a purse or cell phone with her, Franz believed there was more going on than met the eye. Franz got her into her vehicle and took her to a nearby convenience store. The clerk then called the police who interviewed the young woman.

After the interview, officers went to an Ankeny Quality Inn. There, they would end up arresting 25-year-old Brittany Walters of East Dubuque, Illinois, on two Pimping charges and two counts of Human Trafficking, according to the Des Moines Register. Authorities say Walters had taken four different women to central Iowa after pre-arranging locations, days, and times for prostitution.

Two of the four women now have no contact orders against Walters. Ankeny Police have turned the case over to federal investigators because of the possibility of related crimes happening in another state.

Lavon Franz says she is, “Glad she’s (the young woman) safe and that I could help her as much as I could.”

Polk County Jail
Brittany Walters via Polk County Jail

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