A simple trip to the grocery store resulted in a big win!

Cedar Rapids resident Julia Auman, 57, took a trip to the Johnson Avenue Hy-Vee to get some groceries when she decided to pick up a lottery ticket. Auman bought Iowa Lottery's "$10 Did I Win?" scratch off from the store's self-service kiosk, got in her car and started scratching.

She soon realized that her day just got a whole lot better. Auman won the eight and final top prize available for the game which totaled $100,000!

“I just couldn’t believe it,” she told lottery officials. “I was really glad I didn’t have a heart attack, because I was always scared I might. I looked at it quite a few times, and I knew it was a winner.”

The win couldn't have came at a better time for Auman and she says it hasn't been the best year. “I’ve had a rough year, so it was wonderful and a blessing at this moment in life,” she said. “It was great.” Now that she's got a nice chunk of change, Auman plans to install new siding on her home and pay off her vehicle.

If you were thinking of getting one of these scratch offs yourself, don't bother. Since Auman won the final prize, the game will be pulled. That's the normal process, as "once the final top prize in a scratch game is claimed, distribution ends and the game is pulled from shelves". You can get more information about Iowa Lottery scratch games, and the number of prizes still available at ialottery.com.

Congrats Julia!

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