Pete, the cat, went missing from his Cedar Rapids home in late September. His owner, Steve Black Wolf, a Vietnam veteran, who has been battling stage-four cancer, had Pete with him every step of his fight. He told KCRG,

If I got up from a chair and came into the kitchen, he was right with me. I'd go back to the chair, he'd go right back with me again."

Not getting Pete back simply wasn't an option.

Black Wolf and his wife also own Pete's brother, Arlo, and another cat named Ginger. The house simply wasn't the same without Pete, though, and neither was Steve. He was unable to eat and couldn't sleep for any length of time, thinking of Pete non-stop. Flyers went up, Facebook posts were shared... it went worldwide.

Steve had lost about 12 pounds until last week when he heard something in the garage. He tells CBS 2,

I was down there, 'kitty kitty', and his head popped up from under a piece of furniture in the back of the garage. I hit my knees and just started bawling.

He is quite literally, the best friend that I have on the planet. He is. So, there was no way I was giving up on him."

Pete had lost six pounds during his time away from home but is doing great. Now, he's in the running for a 'Cutest Cat' contest. Not just in the running, Pete is currently 11th in the world and #1 in the U.S. You can vote for him HERE. That truly would be a purrfect ending to this story.

[via CBS2KCRG, and PetVote]

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