Cedar Rapids has the St. Patrick's Day parade, a Holiday parade, the Freedom Festival parade... it's about time for a Halloween Parade!

Cedar Rapids' New Bohemia District and Czech Village will be hosting the "Monsters of the Night" Halloween parade through the streets of those two districts on the night of Friday, October 27. It will start at 7 p.m. I mean, if you're going to do a Halloween parade, you've GOT to do it at night!

The parade's founder is Peter Durin. He called me last week to ask if we'd support such a venture which, of course, my answer was YES! When you come to the parade, you've gotta dress up in costume too. That will just add to the fun. I already know this is going to be awesome and it just adds to an already lengthy list of Halloween-related events in Cedar Rapids. According to a press release from parade organizers Peter Durin and Steve Shriver, October is Creative Spirit Month in New Bohemia, there's a Halloween Ball at the Double Tree, the Rocky Horror Picture Show at New Bo
City Market, a Jack-o-Lantern party at Brewhemia, Zombie Run at Hawkeye Downs, and a Spooky Saturday Trick or Treat in Czech Village.

Yes, Cedar Rapids, this is going to be a fun night. Get all the details on the parade HERE. If you'd like to be in the parade, email pdurin@terry-durin.com. Registration deadline is October 23.

[via Monsters of the Night Halloween Parade and Facebook]

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