Sometimes when you watch a video, it transports you back in time. These two videos both do it. They take us back to different times in Cedar Rapids history.

Let's put this in perspective. The first video is from December of 1940 and January of 1941. This is just over a year into World War II. Garland over city streets, police directing traffic, ALL those pedestrians, and don't you just love those cars?

Please Note: Neither video has sound.

The second video is from December 22 years later, in 1962. Downtown Cedar Rapids is colorized for us and filled with lights and animated Christmas displays. Armstrong's and Smulekoff's displays, both very famous, are prominent. Do you remember any of these beautiful Christmas displays?

I love Cedar Rapids today but I'd love to go back to see all this in person. Sometimes the old days, really are the best...

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