You've probably seen a picture going around on social media involving a ticket issued by one of the speed cameras in Cedar Rapids. When the cameras were reactivated, the public was told they would issue tickets for motorists going more than 12 miles per hour over the speed limit. That's why many people were shocked to see this.

A ticket for going just 5 over? If that is the threshold they're using for speeding a lot of people can expect to be getting tickets in the mail. I wondered at first if the whole thing was a prank. It turns out it was a mistake.

In a press release, the Cedar Rapids Police acknowledge that the ticket was sent out to someone for going only 5 over, but that it was an error and the ticket will be dismissed. CRPD says that the ticket appears to be an isolated incident, but that anyone who receives a ticket for traveling LESS than 12 miles per hour over the speed limit should contact the Cedar Rapids police department at 319-286-5513.

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