26-year-old Landon Cassill envisioned his Can-Am Duel 150 Qualifier going a little differently than it did. The Cedar Rapids native struggled to get to the high lane on the track and settled for an 11th place finish in last night's second Daytona 500 qualifier. Cassill said he simply wasn't able to make an aggressive enough move to mix it up with the front runners. But, he'll have plenty of time to do that Sunday during the Daytona 500. Cassill will start 24th in the big race, in the number 38 car. Kyle Busch won Cassill's qualifier after most of the cars in the top 10 wrecked on the final lap.

Meanwhile, can anyone stop Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his car 'Amelia'? Junior won the first qualifier Thursday night in Daytona and looks like the car to beat come Sunday. It's the same car he won with at Talladega and the July Daytona race, as well as his duel last year during Speed Week.

[via Gazette]

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