A Cedar Rapids man is now a multi-millionaire.

Karl Krumbholz discovered he was a winner in Wednesday's Powerball drawing Thursday afternoon. He purchased the winning ticket Monday at Smokin' Joe's at 465 S. Iowa Highway 965 in North Liberty but had no idea he'd won until Thursday afternoon when he walked back into the store and a clerk told him he'd won two million dollars. Talk about a shock! Karl found it too hard to believe so called his dad to check his numbers, and sure enough, he was a winner.

Karl got the first five numbers correct. He didn't get the Powerball, so he won one million bucks. However, he'd purchased the Power Play option, which doubled his prize.

Congratulations to Karl Krumbholz of Cedar Rapids, Iowa's newest millionaire.

Karl Krumbholz
IA Lottery

[via Iowa Lottery]

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