Just before 7:00 this morning the Cedar Rapids Fire Department was called to a report of a mail truck on fire. Any time a vehicle is on fire it's bad news, but with the holidays being right around the corner and gifts and cards being sent, this is a REALLY bad time for something like this to happen (especially to a mail truck). Luckily, one mailman's quick actions saved potential Christmas gifts from being engulfed in flames.

According to CBS2/FOX28, when the firefighters arrived on scene at the 100-block of Forest Glen Court SE, they "found the passenger area of the mail truck fully involved with fire."

CBS2 reports that the driver told the CRFD that he unloaded all of the packages from the cargo area of the truck as soon as he noticed smoke coming from the heat vents. Investigators believe an overheated head light switch could be to blame.

The fire was put out shortly after the firefighters arrival and with all of the packages out of harms way, Christmas is saved! Well, probably for some Cedar Rapids residents.

We're glad that the mailman is ok and that everyone will be getting their deliveries despite what could have been. Presents aren't what Christmas is all about, but gift giving and receiving makes everyone feel good around the holidays.


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