When you're a kid, Christmas is more about the things you want than the things you need. When you're an adult, the things you need become more of a priority.

These last few years, I have asked for the most boring, practical Christmas gifts. For example, I've received new sheets, basic pairs of shoes, kitchenware, and a shower curtain. This year, my only asks are a new suitcase (since mine is 20-years-old and disgusting) and a gas card so that I can get home to Michigan for the holidays. My brother will be getting towels and a bath mat and my mom will be getting a new area rug under the tree. Exciting stuff, right?

People on Reddit have recently been discussing the most "underrated" Christmas gifts. You know, the boring stuff that you could actually use. Stuff that you would have to pay for yourself if you didn't get it as a gift. Some of the items that Reddit users would love to receive include:

  • Socks
  • Comfortable Pajamas
  • Money for Bills
  • Toiletries/Household Necessities (toilet paper, laundry detergent, deodorant, etc.)
  • Streaming Subscriptions
  • Gift Cards for Groceries
  • Good Coffee
  • Wiper Blades
  • Extra Phone Chargers
  • Pet Toys
  • Batteries

If you purchased any of these items for a child, they probably wouldn't be too happy. But adults? I bet they'd be more excited than you think! If you're trying to shop for someone who swears that they don't want anything this year, I would consider picking out a few of these underrated gifts!

What's an underrated gift that you would love to get this Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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