Officer Glenn Kieler has been an officer with the Cedar Rapids Police Department for 28 years. He's been a crossing guard for College Community's Prairie Point Middle School for the last three years. It ended yesterday just as it has every day for three years... with plenty of smiles, laughs, waves, and most importantly, safe kids.

Officer Kieler's last day directing traffic was yesterday, and not just because the school year ended. The intersection where Kieler's been directing traffic the past several years is being replaced by a roundabout this summer, ending the need for a crossing guard.

Why all those smiles? It's all about the costumes Kieler wore. He told CBS 2, "I'd estimate I have around 40 costumes." Here's a few of our favorites:

Yesterday, Officer Kieler still used humor to say goodbye:

It was also a day for many to say 'Thank you.'

Officer Kieler, it's safe to say the people will miss you just as much... maybe more.

[via CBS 2]


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