According to estimates from the United States Census Bureau, the average salary for families here in America is around $55,000 per year. Not surprisingly, that money will go a lot farther in some cities than it will in others. But, which cities are the very best for those average salary families? Well, one of them is right here in Iowa!

The website Smart Asset recently put together a list titled, "Best Cities to Live on a $55,000 Salary," and Cedar Rapids made the top 10! How exactly did they come up with their list? The article states:

"Specifically, we looked at median household income, entertainment establishments per 10,000 residents, civic establishments per 10,000 residents, quality of local healthcare, average commute time, median housing cost, housing costs as a percent of median income, unemployment rate, and poverty rate."

Cedar Rapids came in 7th on the list. We have a median household income of about $56,100, an average home cost of $877 per month, and a low unemployment and poverty rate. One of the only things we didn't rank great in is entertainment establishments, but I think we're slowly improving!

A few other Midwest cities made the top 10 including Fargo, North Dakota; Appleton, Wisconsin; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Omaha, Nebraska.

Check out the full list of cities HERE!

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