Cedar Rapids officials have worked out details on how to reduce areas where fireworks can be sold within the city. This comes after a summer in which many citizens complained about the widespread use of fireworks within the city limits.

The proposed rules would limit sales to two industrial zones and forbid sales within the urban core and within 450 feet of any residential zone. Locations would also have to provide adequate parking and abide by building and fire codes. Cedar Rapids was one of the most popular spots in the state for vendors to operate with more than 40 getting permits and setting up shop in temporary structures.

The city council voted yesterday to schedule a public hearing on the changes and have a first vote on the issue on November 14th. The new zoning regulations would control where fireworks could be sold. Up next is an effort to forbid the use of them in the city. That issue is scheduled to go before the city council next month.


[via Gazette]

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