Each year, towns across Iowa compete to be an overnight spot for RAGBRAI riders. But one eastern Iowa sheriff is saying 'no thanks'.

Cedar County Sheriff Warren Wethington says that he isn't fond of being stuck with a large bill of providing extra security for bikers when they roll through. Wethington recently sent RAGBRAI organizers a letter. In it, he stated that it costs $58 an hour for each deputy working the event. He said that if he can't get help with the cost, he will not provide traffic control or assistance for RAGBRAI riders.

Other city leaders in Tipton, which last hosted a RAGBRAI stop in 2008, don't agree with the sheriff. Officials say that RAGBRAI gave Tipton $30,000 in 2008 to help with costs. The city spent a lot more but in the end broke even after the event.

Tipton submitted a bid to host a RAGBRAI stop this year. When asked if the Cedar County Sheriff's comments would influence that decision, RAGBRAI director of operations T.J. Juskiewicz said that the ride won't go where it isn't wanted. Ouch.


[via KCRG]

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