Our Sheltie puppy is six months old now and every night he comes to greet me with out-of-control excitement. I love every second of it.

I can't believe it's been more than four months since Casey came into our lives, weighing just a few pounds. He's now in his second series of obedience training classes and is growing up fast. He weighs 18 pounds now, the long Sheltie hair is really beginning to show itself, and he and Charlie (our youngest cat) still play fight multiple times each day. This video is from a couple months ago:

They're best buds and love each other to death.

They even both come at the call of "Bubbles" as they're both enamored by soapy bubbles flying through the air. Charlie was a fan first but of course, Casey had to find out what was so interesting to Charlie. One of these days I'll get that on video too... It's something to see.

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