It's a motorcycle. It's a car. It's actually both. Introducing the "Autocycle." Just look at this crazy thing.

Phoenix-based Elio Motors makes the "Autocycle." You have to call this thing a hybrid, right? It's definitely not your normal vehicle. Then again, we've begun to see all kinds of new "looks" on the roadway in recent years. The vehicle made a stop at the state capital in Des Moines and here's what it looked like:

It's affordable... just $6,800. The gas mileage? How 'bout 84 miles-per-gallon highway. However, to drive/ride this hybrid you'll have to have a motorcycle license. I honestly don't understand that, but I don't make the laws or ride motorcycles, so no wonder nobody asked me. Elio Motors knows that could hinder sales and they're trying to fix it. Their vice president of government affairs, Joel Sheltrown, told WHO-TV “We have legislation running right now that would put Autocycle in definition, define what an ‘autocycle’ is and would eliminate some of the bureaucratic regulations for autocycles.” I have to assume that means 'we don't want people to have to have a motorcycle license to buy one.' We'll see soon enough, but I'm guessing car makers won't be too fond of that idea, especially at a price of $6,800. They could see a lot of business go to something like this, you would think.

The "Autocycle" will be built in Louisiana and may show up in showrooms as soon as later this year.

[via WHO-TV]