If you see a lot of motorcycles in Marion this afternoon, there is a good reason for it. They're celebrating a big moment in motorcycle history. In 1916, sisters Augusta and Adeline Van Buren became the first women to ride across the U.S. on their own motorcycles. On that trip 100 years ago, they rode through Marion, Iowa. Today, a ride in their honor will return.

The Van Buren sisters made their historic ride 100 years ago to prove a point. They did it in support of the National War Preparedness Movement, for women's suffrage, and to show that women could serve the country in any capacity. Flash forward to July of 2016. Over 100 women are riding the same route the Van Buren sisters took all those years ago, and they're scheduled to ride into Marion later this afternoon. The 'Sisters Centennial Bike Ride' is set to hit Marion mid afternoon. Residents are encouraged to welcome the riders between 3 and 5 p.m. in Marion Square Park.

For more information on the 'Sisters Centennial Bike Ride' and where the group of riders is heading next, you can click HERE.


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