We're still more than a week away from Halloween and Hallmark decided to 'Bah Humbug" All Hallow's Eve and go straight to Santa.

Altogether, Hallmark will air 41 NEW Holiday-themed movies this year. That doesn't include encore showings and some past 'favorites.'

The festivities begin tonight (Friday, October 22nd) at 7:00 with "You, Me, and the Christmas Tree." This sure-to-be award-winning (or not) movie stars Danika McKellar (Winnie Cooper) and Jason Hervey. (Wayne from The Wonder Years).

Wow. I can barely contain my excitement.

But, wait...there's more!

NETFLIX has 28 new films and shows themed around Christmas and the holiday season. They'll kick off the fun on November 1, and then every couple of days — or even multiple times on a single day — there’s a new original movie on Lifetime.

Wow. That's enough, right? Nope!

Here comes LIFETIME and their Santa Sack full of amazing holiday not-so classics. Lifetime has announced a 35-movie Christmas and holiday programming lineup, called It's a Wonderful Lifetime.  It's a Wonderful Lifetime kicks off on Friday, Nov. 12 with An Ice Wine Christmas, and continues every weekend in November AND THEN will show a NEW MOVIE every night of December.

AND....the newly rebranded GAC Family (Great American Country) will launch its Christmas lineup on Saturday, Oct. 30 with new movies every Saturday and three new movies premiering on Thanksgiving weekend. In December, GAC Family will highlight new movies each Saturday and Sunday during the month.

So load up on alcoholic eggnog and Peppermint Schnapp's filled hot cocoa. You're gonna need it to get through these flicks.

Oh, in case you've never witnessed the spectacle of Cheesy Holiday films, this video sums it up perfectly:


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