Canaan Smith's country comeback is a thick, no-nonsense summer jam that hides nothing from the bourgeoisie. "Beer Drinkin' Weather" is a rock-inspired party song made for radio and the singer's live show.

Sparse instrumentation around the first verse allows Smith's fast-paced lyrics to peck out details of his plan for the day. One feels a heavy guitar riff hiding in the shadows, however, and he approaches with absolutely no hesitation, muscling his way through an easy country boy sentiment this time of year.

The chorus is where "Beer Drinkin' Weather" comes together. The power of this Florida Georgia Line-esque arrangement makes for an easy singalong. In fact, "Beer Drinkin' Weather" is the kind of song that will find fans waiting patiently for the refrain. With apologies to the songwriters, this song is all about those eight lines.

Did You Know?: Smith is the flagship artist on Florida Georgia Line's new Round Here Records record label.

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Canaan Smith, "Beer Drinking Weather" Lyrics:

You got a 24-pack and some plastic cups / Blue pyramid of cans keeps stacking up / And the forecast says you can't pass it up / Cause it's going down rain or shine / Start calling all your buddies and tell 'em about the party / We started this morning around nine / We gonna keep it going and cold ones a-flowing / Yeah we stay thirsty all the time. 

It's always beer drinking weather 'round here / We get it pouring like a storm out here / There ain't nothing better, whenever we together it's beer drinking weather 'round here / Grab a cold can, a keg or a longneck bottle / Top it on off drink it down to the bottom / Twenty four seven, every day all year / It's beer drinking weather 'round here.

Whether or not the backroads are bogged up / Whether or not we can get to the bar / We can park this old Chevy on the side of the road, start a party underneath the stars. 

Repeat Chorus

Grab a cold can, a keg or a longneck bottle / Top it on off drink it down to the bottom / Ain't ever a bad time to have us a good time / It's beer drinking weather 'round here. 

Repeat Chorus

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