Playoff football for your favorite team is a funny thing. You wait all year to see if your team is good enough. You hope and pray that they get in. Then if they do, you wish that they just win a game or two. Make a nice showing. But then you start to this their year? Then you get a game like yesterday between my Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys. A game for the ages. After all the emotions, I wonder. Can I take another game like that?

The Packers were up 21-3. 21-3. I was feeling confident. I wouldn't say it, but I thought that the Pack might actually blow it open even more. But then it got close. And then, thanks to great plays by Dallas, it was tied, 28-28. My heart was in my stomach. To lose a game is one thing. To lose a game you were up 21-3 is another. I was getting ready for the heartbreak. Packer fans have come to know playoff heartbreak in recent years. The onside kick in Seatle. The overtime debacle in Arizona. Now I was ready for the collapse in Dallas.

Both teams traded long field goals and the score was tied at 31 with 35 seconds left in the game. I thought to myself, well, they're going to lose in overtime...again. But then Aaron Rodgers does what Aaron Rodgers does. He produces miracles. On third down, he hit Jared Cook with a 36-yard laser of a pass that put the Packers in field goal range. It was a great throw and an even better catch.

Mason Crosby time. Crosby hit from 56 to give the Packers the lead. This time it was from 51 yards away.


And with that, the most stressful playoff game I can remember was over. Only this time Packer fans everywhere weren't on the losing end. It's off to Atlanta and the NFC Championship game! The Falcons are already a 6 point favorite. Go ahead and keep betting against Rodgers. I think he's fine with it.

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