Cedar Rapids police have released more details concerning a train-SUV accident two weeks ago that killed two Ely men.

Police say they believe Ethan Mortensen was practicing driving with his father when they were both killed when their SUV was struck by a Union Pacific train on the railroad tracks in the 3000 block of C St. SW.

Ethan Mortensen, who was 32, had moved out of his father's home and was becoming more independent, despite a developmental disorder. He was learning to drive with the assistance of his 66-year-old father, David, when the accident happened.

Though it's still not known why the Mortensen vehicle was on the tracks, KCRG says "an investigation found Ethan's inexperience as a driver was likely a factor in the crash. But it's still unclear as to what caused him to lose control."

The accident happened late in the afternoon Sunday, April 14. Both men died at the scene.

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