Cedar Rapids police officer Lucas Jones and the city of Cedar Rapids have made their first responses to a lawsuit filed in February, following a November shooting that left Jerime Mitchell of Cedar Rapids paralyzed.

Here's dashcam video of the event the morning of November 1, 2016:

The lawsuit, filed by Mitchell and his wife, Bracken, claims that officer Jones told his K-9 to "kill" Jerime. Jones says he actually used the command, "stellen him." It's Dutch, and instructs the dog to take the suspect into custody.

The city and officer Jones are being sued by the Mitchells and the Gazette says they're "alleging negligence, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and loss of consortium." The couple is asking for damages and claims the city and officer Jones were "reckless, willful, and wanton."

Here are some of the other claims in the lawsuit:

  • "Jones had no legitimate, articulable reason for initiating the traffic stop.” Police said Jones executed the stop because the light on Mitchell's license plate wasn't working. Mitchell says it was in operation.
  • After giving his license and registration to Jones, Mitchell says he was told to get out of his truck and that the officer tried to open his driver's side door.
  • Mitchell claims Jones forced his hands behind his back after putting him in an arm bar. He says he was also pushed onto the truck, but was not told he was being put into custody.
  • Mitchell says he was kneed by Jones and taken to the ground before the officer's K-9 was released. Mitchell maintains that the dog was told to “kill him.” Mitchell then says he sought safety in his truck.
  • The lawsuit also claims that as Mitchell was driving from the scene, Jones (who was holding on) told him "I’m going to kill you, man.” Mitchell says officer Jones “opened fire” on him.

Cedar Rapids police officer Lucas Jones and the city of Cedar Rapids have denied all the lawsuit's allegations.

A Linn County grand jury cleared officer Jones of wrongdoing in December.

[via Gazette]

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