Down on the corner sits a piece of Cedar Rapids history: Theatre Cedar Rapids.  Since its construction in 1928, Theatre Cedar Rapids has been a beacon of entertainment in downtown Cedar Rapids. In the 1980s, the Linge Family's generous donation of the facility sparked a remarkable evolution, transforming it from a movie house into a vibrant hub for live theatre and arts.

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Why go to the Great White Way when you could wait for it to come to you?  That's exactly what Broadway has done.  Theatre Cedar Rapids presents the Broadway smash and London hit "Waitress" with the regional premiere on June 21st.

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Who is the Waitress?

The musical is based on the beloved motion picture by Adrienne Shelly. The film starred Keri Russell and had a small budget of $1.5 million but raked in a massive $23 million globally. "Waitress" becomes a stage sensation brought to life by Jessie Nelson's poignant book and Sara Barellis' soul-stirring melodies.  "Waitress" tells the story of Jenna Hunterson, a baker and waitress, living in the Midwest, working at Joe's Pie Diner, she becomes pregnant and feels trapped in an abusive relationship with her husband, Earl.  She's looking for a way out and should I spoil it for you?  I'll tell you this.  A pie contest and its grand prize are pivotal to her and her happiness and you could see it all play out starting June 21st at Theatre Cedar Rapids. My wife and I have tickets but they are going FAST!

You can get tickets and it's easy

Getting tickets is easy until they're sold out.  Get your tickets now by stopping at the Theatre Cedar Rapids box office.  That's open Monday through Friday 12 pm to 5 pm.  You can also follow this link to get your tickets to Theatre Cedar Rapids


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