"The Long Way" is Brett Eldredge's second single from his eponymous third studio album. Written by Eldredge, along with Matt Rogers, the song was inspired not necessarily by someone in Eldredge's life, but someone he hopes to have in his life someday.

Below, Eldredge shares with The Boot the story behind "The Long Way."

"The Long Way" is a song I wrote with a guy named Matt Rogers. I had never written with him before.

He came to my place, walked in the door, and we sat down. Within 10 minutes, he had this idea that he wanted to run by him. This little -- [sings"Take me the long way around" -- he had this little piece of a chorus.

I was struck by the whole idea of it. It was so authentic and endearing, in a way, for me, in a vulnerable place of you very much getting down to a conversation with someone you feel you have a connection with, and then really getting to know them deep down, their heart and their soul -- taking a long way around their town for conversation. It really hit below the surface, and asking them questions that they’re not used to being asked, and really getting to know that person.

I think [we live] in a world where we don’t do enough of that, have conversations, anymore. I feel like it’s not as much of a thing as [it was for] my grandparents or parents. I want to encourage that as well.

I think it was a very powerful, powerful message, and it just connects. Every night I play it onstage, it’s one of my favorite moments on the show.

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