Brett Eldredge has emerged stronger than ever from a breakup with his feisty new song, “I Feel Fine.”

Over a sultry mid-tempo production, the singer zealously proclaims his triumph over heartbreak and agony. He’s no longer held hostage by a manipulative old flame or anxious thought, and it’s something he’s definitely celebrating.

“Yeah, I heard of sharks just like you / Prey on the weak and hide behind the truth / Karma's knockin' on your door / But don't you worry 'bout me anymore,” he sings in a verse, before declaring with profound confidence in the electrifying chorus, “I feel fine / I feel fine / I got steam on this train, I got firе in my veins / I feel fine / Oh-oh, I feel fine.”

As if that wasn’t enough, he even expresses gratitude for the inadvertent life lessons the mess taught him. “You don't get to say where I can or cannot go / Thank you for the pain 'cause it only makes me grow / I hope you know,” Eldredge remarks in the bridge.

“I hope the fans hear this song and think ‘I can also feel strong about myself and in control of my life,’” Eldredge shares in a press statement. “Because things like your worries, anxieties and other people’s opinions can really weigh you down and I know how tough it can feel. But if you really find that power within yourself, then no one can dictate how you feel."

"No one gets to make that decision but you. I hope people are encouraged by this song to do that for themselves and be there for themselves," he adds.

“I Feel Fine” is written by Eldredge alongside frequent collaborators Heather Morgan — who sings background vocals on the track — and Nathan Chapman. The song will be included in the Paris, Il native’s upcoming fifth album, Songs About You.

Due out on June 17, the 12-track Chapman-produced LP will include previously released songs “Holy Water,” “Wait Up For Me,” "Want That Back" and its feel-good title track, which doubles as the lead single.

“I knew exactly what I wanted to say and what I wanted the album to sound like,” Eldredge says of the new project. “I wanted the album to be songs that connect us all in the human experience. These are emotions that are reflective of each of us. There are songs of solitude, joy and heartbreak, and I like that tension."

Earlier this month, Eldredge also announced his highly anticipated 2022 Songs About You Tour. The 24-date run will commence on June 19 in Wheaton, Il, before concluding in Saginaw, Mich. on Sep. 24.

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