As a parent, a scheduled day off isn't always about a vacation. Monday for me was anything BUT a vacation. But all three of our kids had appointments to do with their teeth so I took the day off to help.

Chase was up first. It was a big day for him as he got his braces put on. Chase's teeth are all jacked up like mine were when I was his age so we knew that he wouldn't have to wear them nearly as long. He has to keep his new metal companions for around 19 months. I wore mine for 4 and a half years. Holly had to have braces TWICE! Chase seemed to get along good on his first day with braces, only complaining late last night of a little discomfort.

Ryan Brainard

The girls had an appointment of a different kind. They are preparing for their date with braces and both had to have several teeth pulled on Monday. So after the orthodontist, it was off to the oral surgeon! Carly had to have two teeth pulled, while Cayleigh had to have four taken out. Carly had been through this once before so she was calm and prepared. Cayleigh, not so much. They have to put you to sleep to do the extractions so it was a new experience for her. But both girls came through just fine!

Holly Brainard
Holly Brainard

I had someone ask me how expensive my Monday was. Yes, Chase's braces are NOT covered by insurance so that is going to cost us a bit. But the girl's procedures were both covered under insurance and cost us nothing out of pocket. It DID cost us a lot in ice cream later in the day!