National Take Your Child to Work Day was yesterday. A year ago, my daughters Carly and Cayleigh were the only ones that came up and watched dad at work. This year Chase was having none of it. All three kids came down and sat in on the morning show and then hung out and did some other work at the radio station.

No, I didn't make my kids get up at 3 am like I do and come in. Holly dropped them off at around 8 am so they had a couple of hours to hang out in studio. We played a game of Mad Libs which ended up being inadvertently dirty, ( something about riding Holly?) and they got to give a shout out to their respective schools.


After getting off the air, the kids hung out in my office for a bit while I did some work. Only one of them was interested in what I was actually doing. That was Carly. She visited me in the production room and watched me cut a couple of promos and work on a commercial. Eventually, all three kids joined in and I actually put their voices on a spot. We'll see if the client likes it or not.

After a brief tour, the kids found their favorite room here at Townsquare Media. The break room. It features a pool table and two massage chairs. They LOVED the chairs. It was hard to get Chase to leave his.

Ryan Brainard

I'm not sure if any of the kids got a better idea of what I do every day but they sure had a great time. Carly even told me that she wants to be in radio someday. I'm not sure how I feel about that. On the one hand, she LOVES to talk and might be good at it. On the other hand, I know she could do better and is capable of doing whatever she wants. That's what parents always want. Better for their kids. But Carly is determined. She is already counting down the time to when she can be an intern. God help her.