This was NOT a Super Bowl Sunday to remember. Perhaps we've been spoiled by past Sunday's. The games themselves the past two years have been amazing, so the let down of this year's contest was a bit magnified. But I also feel let down by the commercials. Super Bowl Sunday used to mean you didn't know what crazy, funny, inventive commercial you might see. It was more fun than the game for some. Now we get 'The Dude' drinking a Stella? No thank you!

Now I understand that the advertising game has changed as has the culture and society we live in. Companies now aren't looking to shock consumers. They want to make them feel something, whether that's nostalgia or pride in their product. I'm down with either premise as long as it is creative and maybe done with a smidge of humor. Very few of this year's ads did that for me. Save one. Leave it to the NFL to have my favorite ad of the night on their biggest night of the year.

The league is celebrating 100 years of football in 2019, and their commercial imagined a gathering of NFL players, past and present. I mean EVERYONE is there! It would be interesting to know how many shoots they had to do in different locations to get all these players together. It was the only commercial last night that made me smile, laugh out loud (thanks Peyton Manning) and cheer when it was over. I give you, last night's winning commercial!

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