I took the short drive south from the KHAK studios to the Newbo District on Tuesday. Many businesses in the area are getting ready to re-open their doors after being displaced by flood waters or at least the threat of flood water. It was an eye opener in the fact that many stores have a long way to go.

I stopped at Raygun, who are back open for business. In fact, the store is selling humorous flood-themed t-shirts. Half of the proceeds are going to help out those in the Newbo District and for flood-related charities. Raygun had to move their entire inventory of merchandise to the upper level and back storage area of their building before the flood. Like most of Newbo, the waters never came. There were several other people buying shirts while I was in the store, an encouraging sign for Raygun.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

The rest of Newbo is a mixed bag at best. The Newbo Market building was open and had a full parking lot. The vendors inside are trying to open by Thursday. But for most of the other businesses up and down the street, they're a long way from open. Yesterday the call went out for volunteers to head back to Newbo and help stores move their things back into their storefronts. It looks like they could still use your help.

And once the stores are open, your help is still needed. Mayor Ron Corbett encouraged all residents to visit at least 10 businesses in the flood zone over the next several months, to show them we stand behind them, and to help get them back on their feet. Take a picture and post it to social media using the hashtag, #CRGavelChallenge. Whether it's a t-shirt or a meal, visit these stores and show them that even though the flood is gone, they haven't been forgotten.

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