I've always been a fan of John Denver. The singer and songwriter has penned some classic country songs that are beloved to this day. 'Take Me Home, Country Roads' is even featured in the new song 'Forever Country'. He was a lover of nature too. You could hear it in his music, and you knew it from the many nature-related causes that he supported. On October 12th, 1997, Denver died when the experimental plane he was piloting crashed. He was just 53.

I love John's music. I have several of his albums on vinyl and other formats too. Do I have favorites? You bet. 'Annie's Song', 'Sunshine on My Shoulders', 'Leaving On A Jetplane' are all classics. But here are my three all time favorite John Denver songs.

3. Calypso - This was never one of my favorites until it was played for me by a friend around seven years ago. I love the chorus and the falsetto. You should too.

2. Take Me Home, Country Roads - A song about going home. This one is a close second for me, and is covered in the current hit 'Forever Country' honoring 50 years of the CMA Awards.

1. Rocky Mountain High - When I hear this song, I think of John Denver. I also imagine the majestic mountains, the trees, the eagle soaring through the sky. This is as good as it gets. Thank you, John.


Did you know that you can get an album of John performing live in Cedar Rapids? It's true. It was released a few years ago and it called 'Live at Cedar Rapids'. Listen to it today in honor of John.

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