I remember being exposed to music at a very young age. My parents had a record player and a stereo system and had a decent collection of vinyl. My mom was the one who played music the most. She would play Neil Diamond, Eddie Rabbit, Alabama, Barry Manilow and many more. Some of it I loved. Some of it I didn't. But it was great exposure to a variety of different types of music at a young age. It's something I'm trying to do with my kids too.

I've worked in country radio for 20 years. I know and love the format and love artists that are both current and classic. But as a music lover, it's not all I listen to. My taste is diverse, and it can change at the drop of a hat. I love discovering new artists, and I enjoy relating to older ones that I hadn't given a shot. What do I pepper my kids' ears with? You name it! Everything from Keith Urban, The Dixie Chicks, John Mayer, Johnny Cash, The Eagles, The 1975, Justin Timberlake, Merle Haggard, The Beach Boys and yes, even some Barry Manilow. I'll even throw on some Miles Davis or John Coltrane from time to time. It's always fun to see what my kids gravitate towards. Not surprisingly, often it's Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift. But occasionally they'll surprise me.

During bath time a couple of nights ago, I was helping Carly get ready and Cayleigh was still in the tub. As I was about to go back into the bathroom I heard my six-year-old daughter belting out the chorus to 'Already Gone' by The Eagles. We listen to a lot of Glenn Frey, Don Henley and the boys at our house. It's amazing to me they've struck a chord with Cayleigh. She'll often request that I play them. I felt proud that she had taken a liking to music that means so much to me.

I'm not sure my parents understand how they fueled my love of music, but I'm thankful they did. I hope that I can give my kids a broad love and understanding of as many artists as I kind. That's what's great about music. You're never too old, or young, to discover something new.

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