I love animals. And for some reason, they seem to love me too. Ask my wife. Dogs and cats and other small animals usually take to me fairly quickly. Perhaps it's my animal magnetism. Perhaps not. But I sure bonded and made a friend for life with our Furry Friday dog this week!

Meet Zeus. A proper name for a pit bull I'd say. But this Greek god is no warrior. He's a lover. Zeus is around 2 years old, but is the most well-behaved puppy we've ever had in studio! He immediately jumped up on my lap and he sat with me for at least 15 minutes. He would occasionally glance up at me as if to say, "you still OK with this?" And my answer was always yes.

Zeus gets along well with other dogs, kids, and with the proper introduction, cats too. He really is a great dog and would be the perfect companion to have by your side. Zeus is available for adoption at Dogs Forever in Cedar Rapids!

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