Waking up at 3 a.m. every day has its drawbacks. For one, remembering everything I need before I leave the house. Yesterday I had a few extra things with me when I walked out the door. Unfortunately for me, I forgot one crucial thing. My cell phone.

I've done it before, but I'll usually realize it while I'm still in my driveway, or just down the street. Nope. I didn't realize it until I got to work. No phone. Part of me thought, how am I going to get through a day without it! But the other part of me thought this will be nice! No one can get a hold of me! I won't waste time on Snapchat or Instagram! Just think of the work I'll get done!

I'll admit I liked the feeling of no one being able to get a hold of me, but what if my wife had needed something? What if the kids had gotten sick at school? In case of an emergency call my cell! Tough to do that when you don't have yours with you. The other thing we forget is that we use our phones for everything! It replaced our watch, our camera, our calculator. Everything! I felt almost naked without it yesterday. I had to ask what the time was several times. I guess I do own a watch, but who needs that when you have a phone!

In our society today, I think we all need some time without our devices. Phones, tablets, video games. Put them down for awhile and remember the other people in the room with you! That being said....hang on while I check my phone. I wonder how many 'likes' my post just got!

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