Poor choices can happen quick. Especially when they involve food. I made a poor choice yesterday for lunch, although I wear it with a badge of honor. It all started when I decided to hit a drive-through for lunch.

I was coming back from delivering lunch to TSA workers at the Eastern Iowa Airport. I got off on Collins Road and decided to hit up a fast food restaurant that I hadn't been to in a while. Arby's. I had my mind set on a beef and cheddar and some curly fries. Not a bad lunch. But when I pulled up to the drive-through, I saw something else starring me in the face.

The Meat Stack. It is a sandwich featuring five different types of meat. Yes,
FIVE. Bacon, ham, roast beef, turkey, and a chicken breast too. I'm really not into food challenges but for some reason, this one was calling my name. So I ordered it and went home.

This sandwich was so big it wouldn't fit into my mouth. If you're wondering how all the meats tasted together, I really can't describe it. It was...well...meaty. But I'm happy to report that The Meat Stack didn't stand a chance. I finished it easily. What wasn't easy was then living with my lunch decision for the rest of the day. Others suffered too. I'll leave it at that.

Holly said she looked at me a bit differently after finding out about my lunch choice. I asked her if it was because she'd never known someone who'd eaten the meat from four different animals for lunch. That wasn't the reason.

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