It's a very lonely week for me here at work! Brain is off on an adventure with his family as they road trip to Seattle.

Why Seattle, you ask? Well, Brain's brother-in-law lives there and they have never had a chance to visit him. Summer vacation seemed to be the ideal time for the family to finally make the trip. For the past three days, Brain, his wife, their three children, their dog, AND his in-laws have been trapped in a van together as they drive all the way to the west coast. They saved money by not purchasing plane tickets, but will it be worth the price of his sanity?


I'm totally kidding! I was able to call Brain and chat with him about the road trip yesterday, and he said there has been some fighting, but it's also been a lot of fun! Here's the interview, in case you missed it:

We will check in with Brain again on Friday to find out what he's been up to all week, and hopefully he will have some funny stories to share!

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