I forgot to do something important in 2016. It coincides with your birthday and involves a small piece of plastic in your wallet or purse. Yes, I forgot to renew my driver's license. How did I become aware of this? By sheer coincidence.

No, I didn't get pulled over. I was actually filling out paperwork for a rental car. I was involved in a fender bender in my car and it needs a little body work done. So I was in the process of dropping it off at the body shop and getting my rental when they asked me for my license. No problem, here you go! Problem. The gentleman at the rental place asked me if I knew my license was expired. I was flabbergasted. I said, are you sure? They handed my license back to me and sure enough, it expired on October 7th, 2016.

So the car repairs are on hold until I get my license renewed, which will be the day the DOT is open! And then I can finally get the sweet rental they were going to give me! Check your license folks. Driving while expired can be expensive if you're pulled over or in an accident.

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