Would you like to see us in your hometown?

We hear it all the time: "Brain and Courtlin, why doesn't KHAK ever come out to [insert city here]?" or, "You guys should come do a broadcast from [insert place in small city here]!" We have heard your requests, and now we are doing something about it!

Starting next week, one Friday a month Brain and I will be visiting a smaller Eastern Iowa city that we don't get to visit often (or ever!). We will be doing our morning show live from a location in that city, so all the people who can't make it to our Cedar Rapids/Iowa City events can come out and be a part of the show (or just stop in to sign up to win some concert tickets before work)!

Next Friday, April 28th, Brain & Courtlin in the Morning will be broadcasting live from 6-9 a.m. in Center Point! We will be posted up at the Center Point Travel Plaza, located at Exit 35 on I-380. We will be doing a totally normal morning show, but with a few "live" twists. If the CP Travel Plaza is on your commute to work, make sure you leave a little early next Friday so you can stop in and say hi! And yes, we WILL have a sign up box where you can win concert tickets. This is KHAK, after all!

Would you like to see us in your hometown this summer? Let us know where we should go in the month of May in the comments!

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