It's a new tradition for Brain and I to do a fun, surprise couples costume for Halloween every year. We like to keep it a secret until the day of Halloween, which is usually pretty tough to do. I typically come up with the costumes and Brain just goes along with it. It's easier that way!

This year I had a brilliant idea: Brain and I dress as EACH OTHER. So this morning, I am Brain and Brain is Courtlin. Let me tell you, we are NOT pretty. We somehow became the ugliest versions of each other. Feast your eyes on THIS:

Brian Sines

There are a few differences between the real life versions of ourselves and the costume versions. First of all, I don't have a beard and I have never in my life worn leopard print leggings. I also brush my hair (most days). Brain's beard is obviously a lot less bushy in real life (even after trimming down this 'lumberjack beard' I bought at Party City), and his pants slightly less tight.

And SURPRISE! Bob James and Danielle also dressed up today! Check out their Wayne and Garth costumes from 'Wayne's World:'


So there you have it! Halloween 2017 is complete! We hope you enjoy our costumes as much as we do :)