It's our first time doing Listener Lunch at a newer restaurant in Cedar Rapids, and we want to eat there with YOU!

August Listener Lunch has come and gone! We had a wonderful month full of great food at Sally's on Broadway in Springville, but it's time to move into September and try something new. Our September destination is a place in Downtown Cedar Rapids that just opened up in the last year or so, and it's literally right around the corner from our office! We're talking about Backpocket Pilot Pub.

As you can see from the above photos, I've already been to Backpocket several times. Both the food and beer is delicious. We won't be partaking in alcohol while we're there for Listener Lunch, but we WILL be shoveling food into our faces, so you may as well join us!

If you'd like to have lunch at Backpocket Pilot Pub with Brain and me on a Tuesday in the month of September, get entered for lunch now by clicking HERE.

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