June has come and gone, which means yesterday we said goodbye to all of the delicious food at The Edison in Cedar Rapids. As sad as we are to leave, the fact that we are back at one of our favorite Listener Lunch restaurants in July makes it much easier! Get ready for eggrolls, because we are back at Runt's Munchies every Tuesday in July!

Runt's Munchies is located at 529 5th Ave SE in Downtown Cedar Rapids, just up the street from Kathy's Pies. They offer all sorts of delicious menu items, including very unique flavors of eggrolls, massive sliders, wraps, wings, tiny pizzas, and a whole array of fried goodness. We are big fans of the Loaded Mashed Potato Bombs!

Oh, and did we mention the 'Case of Yum?' Jess has a display of baked goods that she makes and they're constantly changing. Everything we've had is delicious, but my personal favorite item is the Butterbeer Puppy Chow!

If you would like to join us for Listener Lunch in July, you have five chances to win, since we get a bonus Tuesday next month! If you are selected, you and six of your favorite coworkers will join us at Runt's at 11:30 a.m. on a designated Tuesday. If that works for you, sign up for lunch HERE!

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