2019 Listener Lunch is going to be AMAZING!

Boy, the month of December really flew by, didn't it? We are less than two weeks away from January, which means the return of LISTENER LUNCH! It was a very sad four Tuesdays in December, but we are excited to try a brand new Listener Lunch destination in 2019!

Every Tuesday in January (minus New Year's Day), we will be dining with listeners at... Urban Pie in Marion!

Urban Pie opened up at 1138 7th Ave in Marion back in 2017. It is the second location for the restaurant, with the first one located in Cedar Falls. I haven't had the pleasure of trying the new restaurant yet, but Brain, our resident Marionite, says it's AMAZING! I was looking at the menu, and there are plenty of standard pizzas on there, like this pepperoni one...

But they also have all sorts of specialty pizzas! For example, they have breakfast pizza...

Taco pizza...

and the MAC DADDY!

Urban Pie also offers salads, cheesy garlic breadsticks, wings, and dessert pizza!

If you work in the area and you'd like to have FREE lunch with us (and 6 people of your choosing), we meet on Tuesdays at 11:30 a.m. Get signed up to be our winner HERE!

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